Gwendolyne's steampunk Gems Jewellery Collection on display at Dutch Design Week

Steampunk Gems – In September 2017 I met a friend while shopping. During our conversation we ended up talking about my hobby of making jewellery with a Steampunk character, using clock parts, cogs and gears. I happened to be wearing one of my necklaces at the time. She really liked it as well as some of the pictures I had on my mobile phone of some other pieces. I also mentioned that it was my intention to maybe start my own business selling the jewellery online since the hobby got a bit out-of-hand and some people had already shown their interest in buying them if possible.

At that time my friend was a volunteer at “Onterfd Goed“, an organisation Gwendolyne's steampunk Gems Jewellery Collection on display at Onterfd-Goed at Dutch Design Weekthat helps to find new owners for “forgotten” or unwanted art pieces and collections, that would otherwise be destroyed by burning (e.g. paintings) or melting down (e.g. sculptures) the items. Onterfd Goed was going to take part in the Dutch Design Week (DDW) only a couple of weeks later, which is an annual nine-day event about Dutch design that attracts huge amounts of visitors each year and is hosted in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It is the biggest design event in Northern Europe that has been organised for more than 12 years now. (See for more information on the DDW also http://www.ddw.nl/en/page/about-ddw and Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_Design_Week)

Gwendolyne's steampunk Gems Jewellery Collection on display at Dutch Design WeekMy friend told me she wanted to ask her boss if it was possible for me to show some of my handcrafted little gems during the DDW. She called me back soon afterwards that it was okay. This meant a fantastic opportunity for me because now I could show my Steampunk jewellery to the public and find out if more people would be eager to wear my Steampunk jewellery.

The Dutch Design Week 2017 took place from 12th to the 19th October 2017 and Onterfd Goed gave me a beautiful place inside their showroom/shop to display my jewellery: next to the information and pay desk. Many people asked about the gems and gave lovely comments about them. One bracelet, Magdalene, was sold on the first day.

I want to thank the people from Onterfd Goed again for giving me this incredible chance of Gwendolyne's steampunk Gems Jewellery Collection on display at Dutch Design Weektaking part in the DDW through their organisation. It meant a lot to me to be able to show my gems to nearly 20,000 visitors who visited this place on this big event. It also gave me the confidence to start my webshop GSG Steampunk Gems and really turn my fantastic handcrafting hobby into an awesome job opportunity. Hopefully, there will be many years of creating beautiful GSG Steampunk Gems and making customers happy with them.

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