Sinead Blaney

Sinead Blaney wearing a Gwendolyne's Steampunk Gems necklace

In the creating process of building my website for the online store GSG Steampunk Gems and handcrafting Steampunk jewellery, I asked my stepdaughter Sinead Blaney about her thoughts on my creations. Her opinion matters a lot to me since she is not only a smart and beautiful young woman, but she is also a professional model for MiLK Models in the UK, who has a good insight and knowledge on current day fashion and trends.

Sinead Blaney wearing a Gwendolyne's Steampunk Gems necklace

It was very nice to hear how she liked my gems when she first saw them in reality. The fact that she was willing to wear a gem, that I specially made for her birthday, to an event that is linked to her work was a big and lovely surprise. She also told me she liked to show a picture of herself wearing the GSG Steampunk Gem on her Instagram account, so all her followers could see it too. That made me very happy as well (understatement) and I feel honoured that she wanted to do that for GSG Steampunk Gems and me. These are the pictures where Sinead shows the necklace I created for her, with Sinead’s approval for showing these on my website.

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