Steampunk Jewellery and me

Since my earliest childhood, I (Gwendolyne Blaney) have had a great love for Fantasy, Goth and Steampunk. This showed through the books I love to read, the clothes I love to wear and the sort of jewellery I love to collect. When I was a teenager, I only had the 4 posters of Alfons Mucha’s “The Times of Day” on my bedroom wall instead of the popular actors and singers most teenagers probably decorated their rooms with. I listened (and still do so) to punk, new wave and alternative music genres, I loved wearing my incredible pointy black shoes (of which I still own a pair that I keep in a box for special occasions only, since they are not made any longer) and cognac coloured long ’50s stylish coat and clothes that were far from mainstream. I read fairy tales, vampire books and old literature, but equally could dream away with the books of Jules Verne, H. Rider Haggard and J.R.R. Tolkien. I was taken by the beautiful Victorian dresses of the late 1800’s and 1900’s, but also was mesmerized by brave and daring women like Amelia Earhart, Queen Boudicca or Marie Curie.

Some time ago I got a box with some clock parts and I used them to design a couple of necklaces. I discovered how much I liked creating jewellery with a Steampunk character. I even got so passionate about making these Steampunk gems, that within no time I had designed and created over a 100 pendants, earrings, hair clips and bracelets, using among others little cogs and wheels, tiny screws and other clock parts. What an awesome hobby!
Friends, acquaintances, but also strangers in the street, were interested in these handcrafted necklaces and asked if I had any that were for sale. All of those people, who genuinely loved my work, had no specific interest in Steampunk or even knew what it was! They just loved the looks of my creations. Thus the thought of making my hobby into my work by creating my own little web shop arose. That way I could make more people happy with the Steampunk jewellery I create. My lovely husband John helped me with his technical skills and knowledge by creating this web shop together.

I am of the opinion, that Steampunk does not only fit the role playing games industry, Fantasy and Steampunk events or Carnival. On the contrary, I think that elegant Steampunk jewellery can be worn by anyone at any time and wearing them at special events is just a cherry on the top. All the jewellery I make are my own designs and creations. Besides, all products are handcrafted and unique. Although some products may look alike, for instance because of variations in colour, many of them are still one of a kind or there is only a limited amount available. Therefore I decided to give my Steampunk gems their own names. If there are more of a certain item, than this is mentioned with the product description on the site. What is also special about these accessories, is that they are created with both new materials and old clock/watch parts, which makes them sort of sustainable items, because the old watches are not thrown out, but re-used into unique jewellery. Extraordinary, right?

The Steampunk accessories are made with vulnerable small parts and have to be handled with care. As with most jewellery, my jewellery is not suitable for young children because of its small parts. It may happen that (part of) the jewellery shows some discoloration over time because of the reaction of the PH value of the human skin with the materials of the jewellery parts used. This is different for every person and unfortunately I cannot do anything about that.
Besides the categories with Steampunk products, there is also a non-Steampunk category. Here you will find some stylish products that I handcrafted myself and that are for sale, but that do not have a distinguished Steampunk character with cogs and gears.

My products can only be ordered online. Your order will be sent to you once your payment has been received on the account. Prices on the web shop are exclusive of VAT and exclusive of postal charges. The total amount including VAT will be shown at the checkout page. Special offers are being made visible on the website and are of a temporary nature.

For questions or specific requests concerning my Steampunk jewellery you can send an email to: I will try to contact you as soon as possible with an answer. Or you can give us a ring at this mobile number from Monday to Friday in between 10:00-17:00 hrs CET: 0031 6192 04491. Obviously, during my holidays I cannot answer emails or phone calls, but I will try to get back at you as soon as possible when work starts again.Gwendolyne's Steampunk Gems
There is also a Facebook page, an Instagram account and a Twitter page for Steampunk Gems. Feel free to take a look. I hope you will appreciate my handmade Steampunk gems. I try to add some new jewellery to the shop on a regular basis, so it is interesting to have a look every now and then..
For more detailed information about GSG Steampunk Gems, products and prices, delivery and postal services, privacy policy, et cetera, you can read the Terms & Conditions.

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